Getting started- A Blog on Dealing and Living with teens- especially “those” teens!

Hi everyone,

I’m setting this blog up with the intention of adding the blog to my website at  I’ve written books before (published by others in hard copy and self-published as e-books)  and plan to write about dealing and working with teens.  I plan to blog my initial writing (drafts) and then, turn them into articles and a book.  The articles I’ll post on my website (as I’ve posted others) and the book I will either self-publish as another e-book or see about finding a print publisher.

The following post is initial article/blog which may be the beginning of the book.  Depending on how quickly I figure out how to get this blog onto my website and then writing scheduling, you’ll see more to come.

I have previously presented this material in trainings for parents, teachers, social workers, psychotherapists, and other human and social services professional “Games, Manipulations, and Seductions in Counseling the Difficult Adolescent- Developmental, Cross-Cultural, and Strategic Principles and Approaches” and as “Desperate in the Sanctuary-Prison of Adolescence- Keys to Successful Interactions With Adolescents.”

The focus of these ideas and materials are on applying underlying developmental & cross-cultural issues to impact psychological, interpersonal, & family dynamics in teaching,  therapy, working with, and/or communicating with adolescents.  Social and cultural issues that apply to the teen lifestyle and expectations are examined and compared to adult and mainstream lifestyles and expectations.  Aspects of major family systems therapies as applied to teens will be discussed.  Readers will be guided how to effectively apply the intervention and communication principles discussed.

Make Me An Offer, so I Can Spit On It!”

Teen Games and the Adults Who Get Played

Judy: Mom?  Uh…. Can I go to a concert at the Arena with Barbara, Patti, and Janet on Saturday night? Barbara’s mom said she’d drive.  I have birthday money for my ticket. Everyone’s parents already said they could go.  I need to tell Barbara tomorrow so her Mom can buy the tickets.  Can I go… please?


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